Phil Miller

phil miller

PHIL MILLER received his B.A. in Theatre Arts and Ethnic Studies at the University of San Diego graduating in 2012.  During his undergraduate career, he had the opportunity to attend the Sundance Film Festival 2010 which inspired him to pursue film festival programming as a potential career path.  He was also invited to compete for the Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship Region XII at the KCACT Festival in 2012 and created a performance art piece entitled Color Me White for the Creative Collaborations festival at the University of San Diego.  Before joining the CAMS department he worked as an actor on a plethora of projects including music videos, short films, and a small role in a feature film called The Toy Soldiers.  He currently works as a Teaching Assistant and as an Intern for 7th Art Releasing.  Career aspirations include freelance film critic, film festival programming, and LGBTQ distribution consultant.  He is a current Masters student in the Cinema & Media Studies division in the School of Cinematic Arts at USC.    

Research Interests: Critical Whiteness Studies, Docufictions, Performance Studies/Theory, Queer Theory & Cinema, Irish/Swiss-German/French Cinema, Adaptation Processes, and Folklore/Paganism (English/Irish/Alpine/French).

Advisor: Michael Renov