Allison Ross

Advisor: Michael Renov

Allison Ross, a 4th year Ph.D. candidate at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts, researches transnational, feminist and LGBTQIA+ documentary, as well as avant garde cinema, through intersecting lenses of queer theory, phenomenology, narrative and documentary studies. Her work has been published in Docalogue (August 2018), Media Fields (Spring 2019) and Spectator (Spring 2019) and presented at conferences, including SCMS 2015-2019, ACLA (forthcoming) and Visible Evidence 2015-2019. Ross’ primary interest lies in exploring open-ended and reoriented viewing practices that challenge the ideological underpinnings of truth claims and the narratives which tend to be passively accepted as normative.

She has been Treasurer (2015-2016, 2016-2017) and Academic Chair (2017-2018) of ZdC and Co-Chaired the First Forum Conference (2018). For the past four years, she has worked as an intern and volunteer at ONE National Archive and, for the past two years, as a volunteer Assistant Programmer with Outfest Los Angeles. In addition, Ross has served on the editorial board of Spectator (2017-2020), has been an issue editor in 2019 and serves as the Graduate Student Representative for the Documentary Studies SIG at SCMS.

Committee: Dr. Michael Renov (Chair), Dr. Akira Lippit, Dr. Kara Keeling,
Dr. Holly Willis, Dr. Amelia Jones