Darshana Sreedhar Mini

Darshana S Mini

DARSHANA SREEDHAR MINI is a PhD candidate and Annenberg Fellow in Cinema and Media Studies at the University of Southern California. Her research interests include feminist media, gender studies, South Asian Studies and Media Ethnography. Her PhD dissertation tracks the emergence of soft-porn films in Indian cinema and their transnational circulation. Her work has been supported by Social Science Research Council (SSRC). She has published in Bioscope: South Asian Screen Studies, South Asian Popular Culture, Journal for Ritual Studies and International journal for Digital Television. She is co-editing a special issue on “South Asian Pornographies: Vernacular Formations of Permissible and the Obscene” for Porn Studies Journal and “Subjected to play: Power, Participation and Subjectivity in Gaming and Beyond” for Spectator. Before joining USC, she completed her M.Phil in Social Sciences from Jadavpur university and her dissertation mapped the lesbian sub-culture in the South Indian state of Kerala.

Committee: Priya Jaikumar (Chair), Ellen Seiter, Kara Keeling, Nitin Govil, Bhaskar Sarkar

Dissertation: “The Transnational Journeys of Malayalam Soft-porn: Obscenity, Censorship and Mediation of Desire”

Website: https://usc.academia.edu/DARSHANASREEDHAR

Email: mini@usc.edu