Isaac Rooks

isaac rooks

ISAAC ROOKS earned his BS in Radio-TV-Film at the University of Texas at Austin and his MA from Indiana University’s Communication and Culture Department, where he specialized in media studies and rhetoric. His doctoral research focuses on depictions of non-human animals and landscapes in horror fiction centered on dangerous animals (films like The Birds and Jaws). More broadly, he approaches a variety of popular texts, ranging from films to television to digital media, from an ecocritical perspective. His published work has appeared in USC’s Spectator, as well as in other journals and anthologies. He has presented at numerous conferences, including those organized by the Society of Cinema and Media Studies, the National Communication Association, the Rhetorical Society of America, and the Association for the Study of Literature and Environment. Isaac has served as Lead Teaching Assistant for USC’s Introduction to Cinema and Theatrical Film Symposium.

Committee: JD Connor, Priya Jaikumar & Randall Lake (Annenberg)

Dissertation: “One Bad Mother (Nature): An Ecocritical Perspective on Cinematic Animal Attack Narratives”