Maria Zalewska

PhD Student


Research Interests:

Maria Zalewska is a Ph.D. candidate in Cinema and Media Studies and a 2016-2018 Mellon Ph.D. Fellow in the Digital Humanities. Her research interests include documentary film; digital humanities; politics of technologized memory and place/space in film. Her dissertation project, “#Holocaust: Rethinking the Relationship Between Spaces of Memory and Places of Commemoration In The Digital Age,” focuses on the relationship between interactivity, visual studies, and Holocaust memory. She completed her M.Phil in Russian and East European Studies at University of Oxford and her M.A. in Humanities at SFSU. She’s published in Digital Icons, Spectator, and Memoria.


Anikó Imre

Dissertation Committee Members:

Anikó Imre
Akira Lippit
Michael Renov
Priya Jaikumar
Tara McPherson
Nitin Govil

Dissertation Title:

“The Future of the Holocaust History and Memory” (tentative)