Wakae Nakane

Email: wnakane@usc.edu
advisor: michael renov

Wakae Nakane is a PhD student and Annenberg Fellow in Cinema and Media Studies at USC School of Cinematic Arts. Her research interests include documentary film and video, experimental cinema, postwar Japanese history and cinematic culture, and feminist theory and historiography. Specifically, her research project centers on the essayistic mode of expression in Japanese documentary and experimental film practices of post-1970s. She received her BA in Art History and MA in Cinema Studies from Nagoya University, Japan. She has published her works both in English and in Japanese, including “Constructing an Intimate Sphere Through Her Own Female Body: Naomi Kawase’s Documentary Films” in Female Authorship and the Documentary Image (eds. Boel Ulfsdotter and Anna Backman Rogers) and Eizogaku (in Japanese), and “Female Performers as Authors: Documentary Film Extreme Private Eros: Love Song 1974 and the Women’s Liberation Movement” in JunCture (in Japanese).

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